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AP Physics 1 & 2 - Modern Physics

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The topics covered in "modern physics" include the photoelectric effect and relativity, and may require some adjustments to your Newtonian thinking!

Modern Physics Video Lessons


The Michelson-Morley Experiment (Mechanical Universe, Episode 41)
The Lorentz Transformation (Mechanical Universe, Episode 42)
Velocity and Time (Mechanical Universe, Episode 43)
Energy, Momentum, and Mass (Mechanical Universe, Episode 44)
Mass-Energy Equivalence (Monterey) Nuclear Reactions (Monterey)

Quantum Mechanics

Particles and Waves (Mechanical Universe, Episode 50)
Atoms to Quarks (Mechanical Universe, Episode 51)
The Quantum Mechanical Universe (Mechanical Universe, Episode 52)
Wave-particle Duality (Monterey)

Photoelectric Effect

Photons and the Photoelectric Effect (Monterey)
Atomic Energy Levels (Monterey)

Multiple-Choice Practice Problems

Scroll down to see multiple choice practice problems in modern physics, radioactivity, and quantum theory.